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Nobody likes a braggart. But everyone likes to feel that they stand for something. Small wonder, then, that in the 21st century, personal branding--the art of packaging and presenting yourself or your company as corporate giants like Reebok and Pepsi would products--has become so vital to both career and business development.

Credit tectonic shifts in both cultural norms and commercial realities: In a faster-paced, increasingly visually driven world where attention spans are shrinking, more parties are competing for less, and out of sight is out of mind, let's be frank. Immediate and sustained visibility isn't just crucial to making sure you stand out from the white noise, let alone rivals competing for the same limited pool of dollars and resources. It also, for better or worse, increasingly defines public perception of who you are and what values you and your business represent.

Call it self-aggrandizing if you like. Label it indicative of a decline in social values if you wish. But make no bones about it. People tend to make snap judgments based on what they see at first glance (you know what they say about first impressions), and basic marketing principles still revolve around frequency and reach. Therefore, it's essential that if you want to be viewed a certain way, you not only need to project the corresponding image at a glance, but you must also grab the reins and take control of your own fate, rather than letting others arbitrarily define you or your enterprise.

Looking to instantly boost your business, establish yourself as a subject matter expert or simply generate widespread awareness for your particular passion, field or cause? Here are five simple strategies that individuals and organizations alike can use to instantly set themselves apart from the pack.

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